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The Fundamental Elements a Social Media Video Must Have

Updated: 5 days ago

Having a social media presence can convert to sales because consumers can follow their preferred brands, making for easier engagement and more direct communication. However, you need to keep your audience on social media engaged so they will keep an eye on your activities. There are many ways to keep your social media audience engaged, but there are none better than using videos.

Nowadays, videos for social media are necessary, unlike back when it was deemed optional. People learn best visually, and video does the job as long as you produce compelling content with a powerful message. If you run a business, chances are other competitors use video, and you don’t want to be left behind.

In this article, we list down the fundamental elements of videos for social media. Read on below to learn more.

The Hook

For social media videos, the hook is like a reason why users should bother watching your video. The ideal length of a hook is 20 seconds or less, so you can place them either at the beginning of a video or throughout.

When creating the hook, here are some guide questions:

  • Why should people care about your video?

  • What good would it do for them?

  • Why should they be interested in your activities?

If you create a hook based on these questions, people will be more compelled to watch your video.

The Introduction

If your video has an introduction, it should present relevant personnel along with a brief overview of what your audience will see. The ideal length for intros is 30 seconds, so cut to the chase so your audience won’t disappear.

Content Delivery

The delivery of your content must be straight to the point. That means staying on topic and not veering off whatsoever. Video length plays a significant role in this regard because a video may need a longer time to discuss everything, and not many people have the attention span for it, especially if they’re just curious about your brand and not entirely sold. Short videos are the best, but extending your video length may depend on the content’s purpose and subject.

Additional Offers

To get your audience to stay on your video, it’s better to incentivise them by giving bonuses. It can either be an action plan or additional tips—just about anything that can help them in their daily lives.

Call to Action (CTA)

The call to action is perhaps the most critical part of any video because it tells your audience what they should do next. CTAs should be less than 20 seconds, and only one will suffice. If you include multiple CTAs throughout your video, your audience will pick up on it, creating the opposite effect.

The Right Platform

Once the video is done, you’ll need to find the right platform to upload your video. For any social media video, the ideal platforms are Facebook and YouTube. While there’s nothing wrong with uploading full videos to both platforms, it becomes counterproductive at times because people would only see the one uploaded on one platform. You’d want to maximise the views, so an excellent strategy would be posting a snippet to Facebook that contains a link to the full video on YouTube.


The goal of producing a social media video is to grow your audience. You need to keep them engaged with compelling and substantive content if you want them to stay, so you must make sure that every single video you’ll be posting is of exceptional quality.

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