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Why Is Post-Production Editing Important For Your Video?

Updated: 5 days ago

Videos can be a powerful tool for businesses to promote their brand, as well as the products or services that they offer in their industry. Production can be quite the whirlwind, but it’s a good step in achieving the type of professionalism and class that your company would like to position itself in.

However, some companies may try to forego the post-production that’s needed afterwards. Video editing is seen more as an option when, in reality, it’s a necessity for the final product that will be played physically and digitally by future employees, clientele and customers.

There are a couple of reasons why post-production editing is so significant for your business’s videos, and here’s why:

To Improve the Quality of the Footage

Great cinematography and lighting during production can make the footage optimal, but there can be a few faults even then. Editing can help whatever was filmed undergo proper correction or further improvements that will make the final video even better.

For example, if a video that was showcasing the product isn’t emulating the same vibrancy as it does in real life, post-production can rectify that. Request your video editor to fix that detail so that they can add the proper enhancements and colour correction needed.

To Help The Video Make Sense

With production, there are a lot of pauses in between that may not be flattering to keep in the final product. Some sequences may have been shot out of order as well, which wouldn’t make sense to the viewer when played in full. This is exactly where post-production saves the day.

Video editing ensures that the video will make better sense, arranging the clips in a proper order that would be a little more understandable to the watcher when they’re viewing it. Any unnecessary seconds such as stutters or mumbles would be cut from the video itself as well.

To Create Smooth Transitions

Having cut footage can be quite good, but it can also be awkward when there’s too much removed. Having footage that doesn’t go smoothly can often distract the customer, so the transitions between different clips must be tended to properly.

A good video editor would be able to seamlessly navigate and edit together the scenes, which will prevent the film from being too jumpy, chaotic and incomprehensible. Viewers might not even pay it any mind or even comment on how well the video flows altogether.

To Provide Great Sound

A key secret of great business videos is excellent audio quality, and that’s best achieved with post-production editing. Added sound effects or background music can really set the tone for how a customer will interpret a video, so make the tracks count and lay them over the video.

Aside from that, any scratchy audio sounds can be equalised and corrected by the video editor. You can also decide on adding voice-overs in post-production instead, which would be ideal for tutorials or social media advertisements that’ll be published on your profile and website.


This article should shine some light on just how imperative it is for a video to go through post-production before it’s revealed to the public. If you’re trying to come up with and produce any kind of video, don’t leave the editing stage out.

Need video editing in Adelaide? Aiden Van Nielen is a freelance videographer that caters to all types of brands and businesses. Contact me today!

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