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Here’s How Small Businesses Benefit From Video Marketing

Video marketing can help you engage customers and provide value. Although, many people dismiss the idea of video production because it takes time and money to create any type of video content. The payoff, on the other hand, is well worth the effort.

If you're thinking about using video marketing to promote your small business, you should know about the advantages of employing excellent video production. Read on to discover more!

The Importance of Video Marketing

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of maximizing your marketing budget. Choosing the most successful channels, on the other hand, could be difficult. Much has changed in the last decade, but the type of information that most effectively reaches consumers has not.

According to current data, 33.7 per cent online users spend four to ten hours each week watching web videos, while 27.2 per cent spend more than ten hours. As a result of the pandemic, these figures have skyrocketed. 68 per cent of customers say the pandemic has increased their online video viewing time, while 96 per cent say it has increased their overall browsing time.

For your small business or a new startup, video marketing is the ideal technique for swiftly reaching a wide audience, with 93 per cent of marketers incorporating video in their strategies and 87 per cent reporting a positive return on investment.

The Benefits You Should Know Now

Video creation or video production can assist your small business to acquire more customers, prospects, and clients. The following are five undeniable benefits of video production:

1. Video Increases Brand Awareness

Video is the most effective approach to promoting your brand. According to surveys, 90 per cent of people discover new businesses or items when browsing YouTube, and 70 per cent make purchases as a result of the videos they watch. Despite this potential, just 9 per cent of small businesses in the United States use video marketing platforms like YouTube.

As customers spend more time online watching videos, small businesses can greatly benefit from including video production into their brand awareness plan.

2. Video Increases Social Media Engagement

With nearly 3.6 billion social media users, it makes sense for small businesses to use it as well. However, simply having a presence on Facebook or Instagram is insufficient. Developing your network necessitates constant participation in social media.

Brands may employ social media videos, according to studies. One study found that one online video can generate up to 1200 times the shares of images and text material combined.

3. Video Provides Clarity About Your Services

When it comes to teaching people about your brand and what you have to offer, video content outperforms text postings. 94 per cent of marketers believe that videos have helped consumers' understanding of their products or services.

Text alone cannot express the essence of a product or service. Buyers may benefit from videos that explain what you sell, why it is important, and how it functions.

4. Video Builds Consumer Trust

One of the most important advantages of video development for small businesses is that it builds audience trust. Many businesses are sceptical of their customers, and video material might assist to increase that trust. Video content not only serves to develop trust, but it also helps to reinforce your brand in the eyes of your customers. It can be used to develop trust in a variety of ways, including the publication of brand and product information videos as well as customer testimonial videos.

5. Video Attracts More Customers

Consumers are spending more time online watching videos, indicating a preference for video content. Rather than reading ebooks, articles, or infographics, 68 per cent of them choose to learn about new products or services by watching videos.

Information conveyed through video is more appealing than information conveyed through text. While video content keeps 95 per cent of what it says, print content retains only 10 per cent. With video content, small business owners can communicate more clearly and reach a larger audience than they can with text alone.


When done correctly, video production can give a plethora of advantages to small businesses. If you want to learn how video content can help you create client trust, improve client comprehension of your brand and products, and drive leads and sales for your company, now is the time to get started. Don’t wait until it’s too late–start earning from video production right now!

If you’re looking for affordable videography services in Adelaide, Aiden Van Nielen is Adelaide’s rising creative. He is a freelance videographer who specialises in promotional and corporate videos and offers an extensive portfolio that you can rely on. Contact him today to begin your dream project!

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