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4 Reasons a Storyboard Is Crucial to Producing a Great Video

Updated: Jun 19

Video and production have significantly evolved. From the age of “moving pictures” to the present time, video production has constantly shifted according to the emerging technologies during each era. Today, as the world progresses during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, video production is becoming more advanced than ever!

Now, it has become much simpler and easier to create video content thanks to smartphones. It’s easier than ever to create professional-quality video content on a shoestring budget. It doesn’t matter if you want to create content for a company’s marketing campaign or your own YouTube channel; you can easily do so with smartphones.

However, no matter how much video production has changed, one thing remains the same: drafting a storyboard is still vital to creating a successful business video production!

What is a Storyboard?

When looking for business videography services, you must work with a company that values storyboards. Storyboards are a pretty standard tool in movie production! Each drawing in a storyboard shows every angle, dialogue and action that the director wants to be captured in the scene.

The storyboards are a great way to bring an artistic vision to life. They’re used to communicate a vision and to promote clear communication among everyone involved in the production.

Why Create a Storyboard?

Every film, commercial, or video commercial has a story. The storyboard is the blueprint that guides the development of the video. Storyboards are the visual representation of the video’s story. It represents the director’s vision and what the production team expects to happen. Without the storyboard, there will be no video!

Here are a few more reasons why storyboards are an essential part of the video production process:

1. They Serve as a Guide

A storyboard is the first step in the production process. It serves as the director’s visual cue for the production crew. Without the storyboard, the team won’t figure out whether or not the director’s vision will come to life in a scene.

2. They’re a Way to Communicate Ideas

Storyboards are a terrific way to communicate ideas and develop a vision with your production team and client. Storyboards are essential to show your viewer what the video will look like before it’s even created.

The storyboard is an excellent way to help your viewer visualise what will happen in the video. Think of it as a sneak preview of the video.

3. They Ease the Video Production Process

Storyboards ease the video production process. Without a storyboard, the video production team wouldn’t know how to create a video or visualise the final product. With a storyboard, the whole production team can work together to create the video by following the director’s vision.

4. They’re Cost-Effective

Storyboarding is a cost-effective tool. It allows you to create a video without spending millions of dollars. It’s a great way to cut down on production costs while still making a high-quality video!


Storyboards provide a visual representation of your vision and your ideas—they allow you to express your thoughts and communicate your vision with your production team. As long as you entrust business video production services to someone who recognises the importance of a storyboard, you'll undoubtedly reach your company's goals through video!

If you’re searching for the best business videographers in Adelaide, I, Aiden Van Nielen, may just be who you need for the job! ​I am a freelance videographer who works around Adelaide, making videos for all types of businesses. Get in touch with me today to get started!

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